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WARMAT® Warshield

WARMAT® Warshield pipe protection meshes are manufactured from HDPE with a blowing agent to produce a strong structure provide maximum protection against impact damage. Chemically inert the mesh will not rot and the open mesh structure allows the flow of water around the pipe for cathodic protection. Offered to produce a range of solutions to meet the most demanding conditions.

The mesh can be laid along or around the pipe and can be joined using a gas torch and pressing the faces together. The mesh can be secured to the pipe by means of strapping tapes or similar.


Material Blown HDPE Blown HDPE Blown HDPE
Width 1.3m 2m 2m
Length 20m 24m 24m
Weight g/m2 950 1200 950
Thickness > 5.6 mm > 6.0 mm > 6.0 mm
Colour Black Black Black

Specification Thickness Weight Polymer Mesh
Colour Width Roll
WARMAT® Warshield1 5.9mm (EN964-1) 750g/m2 Blown HDPE 62 deg Black 1.5m 20m
WARMAT® Warshield2 6.6mm (EN964-1) 950g/m2 Blown HDPE 62 deg Black 1.5m 20m
WARMAT® Warshield3 6.0mm (EN964-1) 1200g/m2 Blown HDPE 62 deg Black 1.0m 20m

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